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Activities In Care Homes: Why This Should Be A Priority

Ensuring the happiness of our residents is always at the top of our priority list. Making a positive impact, that prioritises the happiness and well-being of our residents, makes them feel at home in their care home. This blog will cover how you can make activities in care homes fun and a few you can try out.

Make it fun

Activities in care homes should be fun! Don’t be afraid to try out something new, something different, to get your resident’s brain and body moving. If that’s a physical or intellectual activity, be open for trial and error with your residents to find the activities that bring them excitement. Just because the residents live in a care home, doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun like they’re 20 again. Bring something new, fresh, and funny into their activities, to give them that feeling of being young again. 

However, ensuring that residents are comfortable with the activities is very important, as everyone will have different interests. But always remember, their age doesn’t “define” who they are, with fun activities you can bring out more of who they are. 

Some fun and exciting activities to try

Who says the residents don’t enjoy rocking out to pop music? Try music they haven’t listened to before to get them thinking, and even better, dancing!

Pet therapy doesn’t just make us feel comforted, but it can take away anxiety and loneliness. It’s a type of therapy with a big impact on the resident’s mental health, it gives them a feeling they well and truly deserve, love. 

Who doesn’t deserve a pamper once in a while? Giving your residents a pamper day can create a relaxed and calm environment in the care home, which reduces stress and anxiety. 

  • Outdoor activities  

With spring approaching, outdoor activities become more practical for residents. Let them get their hands dirty with gardening or bring back childhood memories with a picnic. 

Take a look at the activities our residents have been up too

Provide them with what they want

Ask them what they want, what brings them excitement, and what makes them happy, then incorporate this into their daily activities. Give them a purpose again, a sense of achievement, something to remember, and make an impact. 

If we’ve intrigued you and you’re still reading, visit our blog or get in touch via email hello@ahcg.co.uk or give us a call on 01704 53 53 53.

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