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The Sensational Sheila 

Sheila has had a wonderful life full of travel, love and adventure; her journey began in Liverpool where she was born. Throughout her life, she always tried new jobs to find the right one for her. 

Her first job was a temporary role with Inland Revenue. However, this role didn’t suit Sheila so she went back to London and continued where she lived in a hostel while working for the Ministry of Food for two years. After gaining experience in different areas, she took a secretarial course in Liverpool and then worked for the Foreign Office. Whilst working for the Foreign Office, she was posted to Vietnam after only being in her position for 3 weeks. In total, she had 13 different posts all over the world. 

Going back to when Sheila was 16, she met her great friend, Theodora. Theodora came from Manchester and they worked together in Wales. She introduced Sheila to the hills, which is where she developed her love for rock climbing. Later on in her life, she climbed Mount Fuji in Japan (this is one of Sheila’s greatest achievements). Later on in life, Sheila retired but still kept an active social life with her friends which kept her mind happy and healthy. 

Currently, Sheila is comfortably living at Lighthouse Lodge, where she has made many friends and enjoys getting involved in all the activities we have to offer. What Sheila mentioned she liked about Lighthouse Lodge is its “liveliness!”

Furthermore, we asked Sheila what advice she would give to the younger generation. To which she answered, “make the most of your opportunities.”

If we’ve intrigued you and you’re still reading, get in touch via email hello@ahcg.co.uk or give us a call on 01704 53 53 53.

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